5 Most Played Casino Games

5 Most Played Casino Games

Online casinos offer numerous different games and thus ensure an unforgettable gaming experience. We have summarized and briefly presented the most popular games for them.


Blackjack is one of the most popular and well-known card games and is extremely simple and easy to master. The goal of the game is a card constellation with a numerical value of exactly 21 (= blackjack) or as close as possible, but never to exceed this numerical value.

The game is played against the croupier, with each player being dealt two cards. Based on the allotment, the player has to decide whether to draw an additional card or to stay with the allotment. Then the player’s line value is compared with that of Croupier, and whoever has the line value of exactly 21 or closer wins the game.


The most popular casino game since the 17th century is still one of the most widespread and simplest e wallet casino singapore games. The most well-known variations are American and Dollarpean roulette; the American containing two zero (“double zero”) fields.

The goal of the game is to guess in advance what number the ball will fall on. The bet can be placed on red and/or black fields as well as on fields from 0-36, whereby the bet is only won when the ball falls on the field used.

Roulette can be played according to several strategies (set of digits, even and odd digits …), whereby higher winnings can be won.

Slot machines

The goal is to spin the reels so that the symbols on a payline result in a winning combination. The winning combination achieved is paid out to the player. Slot machines can have three or more pay lines and the chance of winning increases with the number of pay lines. The possible winning combinations can be read from the paytable.

Video Poker

Video poker is not only the best known and most popular game but also very entertaining. The player is dealt 5 cards and tries to achieve the winning combination by changing or keeping the allotted cards. After the reallocation, the computer offers the player a payout when the player has reached certain winning Singapore 12Joker combinations. The winning combinations can be read from the video poker table.

The player has the choice of either paying out the win or opting for double or half double.


Baccarat (Punto Banjo) is a popular and simple card game with the aim of getting a card sum closer to 9. The card value is determined as follows: the ace scores 1 point, 2’s-9’s score 2 to 9 points, 10’s and face cards score no point. Whoever is closer to 9 is the winner. The bet can be placed on players, dealers, or on a draw.

If you win, your bet on the first two bets will be doubled; if you correctly bet on a tie, your bet will be tripled.

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